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About Me

Hi. I'm K Fox.


When it comes to gaming, I started young. I don’t think I knew the word “gamer” when my older brother introduced me to those pilotable pixels on our CRT TV back in the day, but from the first moment I sat wide eyed and watched him control that be-hatted plumber bashing blocks, collecting coins, dodging fireballs, and taking leaps of faith down green tunnels to other worlds, I was hooked. When it was my turn to play, a lifelong passion reached out from that sharp-angled NES controller in my tiny hands and took hold. My brother and I shot at ducks and battled monsters in the depths of space. We played flat, pixelated basketball games and beat each other up in Mike Tyson-sponsored boxing matches. I lost every time, but still, within me a gamer was born.

​From NES, I went straight to Playstation and computer games, and today I love everything from slow-paced resource management sims to complex strategy titles to MOBAs and FPS games. Am I good at any of them? Not particularly. Do I have a great time playing? Absolutely.

In addition to being a lifelong gamer, I'm a writer at heart. I’ve written short stories, freelanced as a game reviewer, had personal essays published, and even churned out a novel, and it all led me here to starting this blog: a place for my passions to coexist.

Here, I’ll use writing to explore gaming my way. I won’t be following every new AAA trend or racing to keep up with the next big thing. Instead, I’ll be writing for people like me: 

Those gamers who love to play but can’t make it their whole lives.

Those gamers who might covet the new releases, but also enjoy returning to old favorites.

Those gamers for whom gaming is an escape, not a job.

And those gamers who aren’t obsessed with being the best, but rather the ones who use games to unwind, unleash, and untie themselves from the real world, just for a little while.

If that’s you, then I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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